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Om Kumar*, Sushma Kumari, in Current Trends in Biomedical & Life Sciences | Life Sciences


T-2 toxin (3-Hydroxy-4, 15-diacetoxy-8-iso-valeroxy-12, 13-epoxytrichothec-9-ene) is a mycotoxins sesquiterpenoid in nature trichothecene mainly produced by Fusarium strains. It cannot be inactivated by heat; by stem autoclaving with 15-17 lb pressure (121-132 ºC) for 30 minutes or by dry heat (at 815 ºC for 10min). In this study, potential of production of T-2 toxin and its characterization from Fusarium strains have been studied. The molecular weight of purified T-2 toxin was found to be 466.57 and is soluble in lower alcohols and polar solvents. T-2 toxin today occupies a place of prominence among bio warfare mycotoxin owing to their ability to toxic charecteristics. Out of eleven Fusarium cultures obtained from DRDE material biotechnology department, five were chosen for production of T-2 toxin in selected PDB and YES media out of eight media for production of T-2 toxin. F.sporotricioides was the best T-2 toxin producer in submerged fermentation and was selected for physicochemical studies such as pH, temperature, incubation period; agitation, volume ratio and effect of different carbon and nitrogen sources were studied in order to determine the optimum conditions for T-2 toxin production. There is always a probability of infection from T-2 toxin production from Fusarium strains and can cause significant morbidity and mortality rate and thus it creates unnecessary panic. Keeping this probability in mind, our study will be of immense value in minimizing such risk and making easy production and characterization of T-2 toxin by GC-µECD.